Why You Should Have the Power to Choose your EDI Provider

In a digital world where an increasing amount of shopping and financial transactions completed online, buyers often find themselves overwhelmed by all the products and services available to them. Therefore, it is good practice to identify core needs and gather information from at least three providers when possible, particularly when choosing such advanced solutions as EDI software that cover many departments’ needs. Unfortunately, buyers feel enticed to select the first EDI partner their trading partner recommends, a decision they often regret. 

As buyers, it’s important to remember you have options. Many EDI providers are available to help you accomplish your goals, each with its business approach. It’s essential to look at criteria like support, implementation approach, cost structure, company values, etc.. Each company offers different solutions, competitive advantages, and unique qualities to offer. We think it is vital for professionals to shop and choose the EDI provider to meet their business best. 

EDI solutions are long-term investments so a simple way to find the best EDI solution for your business is to look at your EDI provider as a partner for life. Your business needs an EDI provider that will always be there to support you. They need to be highly responsive and customer-focused because your business’ efficiency is of foremost importance. Questions to ask are: Is a dedicated team available for you? How fast can they address your concerns and resolve issues? Is the service you are paying for personalized or standardized? And do you feel valued when communicating with them? The goal should be to find a partner with whom you think you can build a long-term relationship. 

Another suggestion is to look at the EDI partner’s experience and expertise. Their products and services should respond comprehensively to your needs. Ideally, your potential EDI partner should be able to demonstrate relevant industry experience reducing your investment risk significantly. Online reviews and ratings are a great tool to use in your evaluation process because they indicate the EDI partners’ experience and level of expertise with customers from various backgrounds. You can also ask an EDI provider for references to validate customer satisfaction and the quality of their services.  

There are costs of running your EDI operations, so simplicity, flexibility, and dependability are essential. Usually, you will shop for an EDI solution that is simple to implement, which requires a low or moderate level of training for your employees, depending on your supply chain’s complexity. It would help if you aimed for an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that is flexible where you can customize features the way you wish. A custom-made EDI solution allows you to transfer data and documents precisely as per your business requirements, making your activities more effective, smooth, and cost-efficient in the end. 

The market options seem to be endless, so we know how challenging it is to consider all the factors we listed in this post. We recommend you pick three that are critical for your business to consider before deciding which is the best EDI partner for you. It is essential to know that, as a customer, you have options when picking an EDI provider, and a sound decision will undeniably bring you many long-term rewards. 

At Vantree, we believe customers should find partners for life. We have chosen to conduct our business with a more humanistic, partner-for-life approach in mind. This is the best way to make our customers happy. If you agree, let us know! 

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