The New Level Podcast

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"Where humans talk about automation!"

The New Level Podcast is hosted by Philip Aguib and Theresa Forman, two IT industry professionals passionate about helping businesses. The show focuses on inviting industry experts across multiple sectors, to share ideas and concepts, to help humans elevate their business.

Our Team

Theresa Forman
Chief Strategy Officer
Acart Communications
Theresa Forman is the Chief Strategy Officer at Acart Communications. With 20+ years experience, Theresa builds brands and customer experiences on a global scale and is part of the SheEo community, an ecosystem that supports, finances and celebrates female innovators. Prior to working as a consultant at THF Global, Theresa was the President at creative agency, Mcmillan.
Philip Aguib
Director of Sales and Marketing
Vantree Systems
He is a trilingual peak performer, results-driven and passionate sales specialist with entrepreneurial experience. Prior to joining the Vantree team, Phil worked for Lightspeed, a POS solution provider for retailers and restauranteurs.
Join Philip and Theresa on a journey to gain more knowledge about
automation technology trends and how they affect people.
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