What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the exchange of business documents between
organizations through the cloud. This method is used to replace traditional faxing and
mailing, to improve efficiency, speed, while eliminating manual entry and reducing errors.

EDI Documentation

There are thousands of approved business documents exchanged through EDI daily.
Vantree supports all of them. Between suppliers and trading partners, the most common documents are:

Between suppliers and third-party logistics partners (3PLs), the most common documents are:

Although each of these EDI documents have their own format, they can be tailored to fit certain specifications to ensure each party is getting the data they need. As long as the information is available, Vantree takes care of integrating each parties requirements.
Things to consider highlighting in the integration discovery process are:

EDI compliant

Vantree allows you to connect to ANY trading partner in ANY industry worldwide. Trading partners, who are often your customers, require you to be EDI compliant in order to begin doing business with them.

With thousands of pre-established relationships with your customers, we gather requirements quickly, and schedule your EDI integration as soon as they are ready. Being EDI compliant allows you to expand your ability to do business while allowing you to also optimize your processes.

Here’s a basic scenario explained by Jerryl Price at Right Price Companies, where their customer buys fiber-optic cable from them using this process:

  1. Inventory Inquiry/Advice (846) gets uploaded daily
  2. Purchase Order (850) is received in Jerryl’s inbox
  3. Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855) sent to shipper and Tier 1 partner
  4. Automatic Shipment Notification (856) sent as well
  5. Invoice (810) sent to make sure Right Price Companies gets paid

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EDI Documents

There are thousands of approved business documents exchanged through EDI interchange daily. The most used documents include:

1. Invoices (810)
2. Purchase Orders (850)
3. and Ship Notice/Manifest (856)
4. And many more

Each of these documents has a basic
format but needs to be tailored to each parties’ specifications.

Read more here.

Messaging Protocols

In order to transmit documents back and forth, companies need to establish a data communication channel.

EDI messaging protocols are used to transfer data securely from computer to computer. These protocols are used by the communication software/application to describe the exchange of data between companies.

Read more here.

Document standards

There are many EDI document standards used. For quality assurance, an organization like the Accredited Standards Committee X12 (ASCX12) founded in 1979, was chartered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop and maintain standards for EDI.

These standards were built to drive businesses in various regions, and industries globally. We ensure all standards are being
met on your behalf.

Read more here.

Industries using EDI

Almost every industry uses EDI to improve its supply chain. Some of them include:






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