About Us

Ever wonder how quickly you can resolve issues when you have a reliable, 
dependable and responsive EDI provider?

We deliver strategic automation, driven by a partner-for-life philosophy and a deep commitment to seamlessly enabling our clients’ businesses. We earn trust with a human approach founded on authenticity, curiosity, and care.

After 25 successful years in business, Vantree is proud to continue to create memorable, inspiring, and engaging experiences for our customers with a focus on EDI products that help streamline operations through automation and simplify the user experience.

Our Pillars

We do more on your behalf. As an extension of your team, customer service is all inclusive and all encompassing.

Vantree’s proprietary software allows our technical team to design a fully customizable solution for your company.

We ensure we remain ahead of the curve so that we can enable our customers to do the same.

Our Culture

Our absolute focus on our customers has consistently set us apart.

We are standing by to listen and help you solve your unique challenges. Instead of an anonymous “customer service” hotline,
our Team-Based Support System delivers better results and deeper collaboration.

Our Values


Living a “partner-for-life” philosophy.
Committed to shared success for our
customers, their employees, and our own.

Commitment is in our soul. Nurturing balance, giving back, and acting with respect are aspirations fundamental to us and everything we do. Internally, commitment means working tirelessly for mutual success.

Commitment to customers and partners means being
honest and genuine, empathetic and respectful.


Always exploring, dynamic, and transforming.
Co-creating evolved experiences,
on or ahead of trend.

Healthy curiosity resides at the heart of thought leadership, where Vantree’s position is defined by a decidedly human approach in every aspect of the business. The result is a culture of empowerment and recognition, where employees are encouraged to think differently and are rewarded for innovative problem-solving.

Vantree nurtures a collaborative platform that brings together our team members and our customers. We routinely challenge ourselves and others to embrace transformative experiences toward business and personal growth.


A thoughtful, value-add partner. Reliable, authentic, and genuine.

Proven expertise is of limited value without a foundation of integrity, reliability, and empathy that makes a business worthy of its stakeholders’ trust. Vantree builds that foundation and earns that trust every day by combining seasoned experience with open and honest communication and a genuine concern for the success of the individuals and businesses with which we engage.
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Metro Supply Chain Group is a leading provider of third party logistics and supply chain solutions to enterprises in both North America and Europe. Learn how they were able to save 50,000/year with the help from Vantree Systems.

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Right Price Companies delivers end-to-end services, including space planning and design support, installation and project management, reconfigurations, integrated technology solutions, and more. Watch how Vantree helped Right Price reach its business objectives.

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GB Micro is recognized as a leading importer and distributor of consumer electronic products. They provide innovative, reliable, and high-performance products in multiple channels. See how Vantree has been a critical partner to GB Micro Electronics in their evolution over the years.

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I-D Foods Corporation is the largest Canadian full-service importer and distributor of specialty foods with national coverage. Discover how ID Foods Distribution integrated a mobile retail execution software with their ERP thanks to Vantree Systems.
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