Did you know that using a software solution to automate your delivery and merchandising tasks can quickly increase your business sales by around 15%?

Who is CIS Group?

CIS Group has been at the forefront of innovation, delivering cutting-edge strategic B2B automation software solutions.

The CIS Group is a strategic partner of Vantree, helping companies to integrate their customers’ EDI data into the CIS-Companion® Rep and CIS-Companion® Route products.

After more than 40 years of business success, CIS Group creates personalized flexible solutions for your business.

CIS Group’s mission is to provide its customers with innovative software solutions that optimize their business, in the form of a Sales Force Automation (SFA) application for mobile representatives and merchandisers and another application to optimize sales operations, Direct Store Delivery (DSD). Yet other CIS solutions are widely recognized and used by companies in the transportation and freight transportation industries.

To date, more than 15,000 users across North America, the Caribbean and Europe have trusted CIS Group.

Why CIS Group and Vantree?

Our companies have a long-standing partnership with over 70 years of combined experience across many industries, which means we understand your business and your challenges. Our combined solutions have evolved over the years to meet the business demands of tomorrow. 

Our teams work closely together, performing regular follow-ups with clients and other parties, to provide updates on project progress and deliver the highest level of trust, transparency and client satisfaction. 

Our open-minded R&D approach allows us to tweak and adjust solution offerings to meet specific customer needs. Tests are carried out at each iteration, guaranteeing the efficiency and reliability of products and solutions.

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The CIS Group maintains relationships with hundreds of partners around the world.

We want to offer the simplest and most complete service to our customers when they choose to trust us.

We have therefore developed partnerships with recognized service providers to offer you a turnkey service that meets your expectations.


Why Choose CIS Group

Packages and bundles

CIS offers different types of plans and packages, which include custom implementations.

Cutting-edge technologies

Our goal is to minimize repetitive tasks using automation with special attention to the needs of our customers.

Industry knowledge

Our experienced teams help companies achieve their goals.

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Sylvie Gauthier, Administrative Technician at Boulangerie St-Méthode shares her experience working with the Vantree team for EDI integrations with many trading partners and carrying out her V-Site web platform tasks.

Analyst, Luc Bellegarde talks about the history of Brasseurs Du Nord, he explains his work with Vantree’s EDI solution and our partnership with CIS Group. Finally, Bellegarde takes its guests on a tour of its brewery located in Blainville, QC.

Manon Lépine, Factory Director, shares her perspective on their transition to Vantree’s EDI and API solutions, focusing on how they have improved their operational efficiency. Managing Director José Franco discusses the benefits of automated invoice processing since partnering with Vantree.

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