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Customer Service is a central part of a business and can drive growth in an organization. At Vantree, we have a ‘partner for life’ approach with our customers, allowing them to view us as a real extension of their team. We collaborate on projects to achieve a long-term partnership, and our team-based support system is particular to Vantree and has helped us become successful in many ways.

On average, over 90% of IT managers and users admit they hate being bounced around from agent to agent, and we understand them. At Vantree, instead of relying on an extension, we built cross-functional project-specific teams dedicated to our customers. This unique approach follows Vantree’s three brand pillars: industry expertise, advanced technologies, and unparalleled service. Each team assigned to a customer comprises a project manager, EDI analyst(s), and EDI developer(s) to carry out the business projects successfully. 

The benefits are endless, but the main is having full visibility on who is working on your project. You can rest assured the three parties continuously work together to support you and your partners. Vantree uses web-based project management applications that allow our teams to organize, track and manage tasks directly and efficiently. Team-based assignments also take the form of daily and weekly scrum meetings where live updates on projects are discussed, timelines and feedbacks are reviewed with a 24/7 system monitoring in the background (i.e., transaction errors alerts).  Our team also allows to remedy issues faster than a traditional service provider and Vantree commits to answer emergencies in less than 4 hours. 

Another significant benefit is that it becomes easier and quicker for you to reach out to our teams in case of emergency. Say goodbye to being bounced from agent to agent for hours before getting in touch with a competent project leader. Many IT managers and leaders also think that projects take way more time than they should and acknowledge they waste a considerable amount of time waiting for a project to be completed. Wouldn’t it be great if all onboarding processes and project implementations run smoothly? 

Our team-based support approach gives our customers and partners peace of mind because they know they will always work with the same specialists. Without a doubt, this enhances communication, creates trust within our organization, and eventually builds strong and lasting relationships that will last a lifetime. After all, if Vantree’s engagement is business growth through human connection, we think our approach is the best way to keep our promise. 

If you have any questions about our approach to take on new projects, please feel free to contact us.

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