Ever Wondered What Excellent Customer Service Looks Like?

In a world where customers have increasing bargaining power and a broad spectrum of options when choosing a product or service, companies must rely on other things to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Customer service is one of them, and it’s not of small importance. How often do you find yourself waiting on hold or refreshing your emails to respond from a customer perspective? It is said that more than 50% of IT managers spend most of their time waiting on customer service representatives.

Customer service is the continuous support given to a customer or partner in the process of buying and using a product or service. It is part of the promise given. In the EDI and IT industry, customer service is crucial, especially during the implementation phase, where projects can get very substantial and complex. No wonder why 89% of companies now expect to compete mostly based on customer experience, according to Gartner Research. Providing a pleasant and seamless experience for your customers is not only significant in building strong and durable relationships, but it can lead to growth within your organization through happier employees and customers.

I know you may be asking, so how can you tell if your customer service is five-star worthy? How do you make it go from satisfactory to excellent? Customer service will positively impact the customer experience if it’s personalized, competent, convenient, and proactive. Successful professionals show their customers they care about their business. They show expert knowledge about the products and services they sell, offer fast and responsive support through any preferred communication channel, and finally reach out to their customers in a proactive way to resolve issues answer questions.

At Vantree, we believe that technology services should be managed with more human connection in mind. While many alternative providers offer automated and robotic customer support, we feel more human, authentic, and honest customer service is the key to creating memorable engagements. Understanding our customer’s business, concerns, and objectives plays a big part in building a successful long-term collaboration. At Vantree, we know the value of our relationship with our network of trading partners and always compensate them for their time and valuable efforts with unparalleled 24/7 team-based support and collaboration.

And the advantages of using this personalized, authentic approach have been significant. Both our customers and partners benefit from outstanding customer service: faster problem resolutions, better customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, increased brand image and reputation. The benefits are equally shared between the service provider and customer, and in the end, everyone gains from this long-standing win-win relationship.

Learn more about how Vantree’s focus on customers sets us apart with our 24/7 team-based support and expert advice.

Ever wonder what it’s like to work with a reliable and responsive B2B integration provider?

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