Vantree’s EDI Solution for SAP Business One

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SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed for businesses of all sizes. As an ERP solution, it aims to automate business functions in critical areas such as financials, operations, human resources, and others. Vantree has developed a fully embedded EDI solution in SAP Business One that receives, validates, and sends EDI documents between a business, its supply chain & other trading partners. 

Vantree’s solution leverages the power of SAP Business One by managing all inbound and outbound documents within the SAP Business One interface on your behalf. These documents are received and sent to trading partners, third party logistics (3PL), E-Commerce, Dropship companies, or any network that trades business documents. All transactions can be viewed, filtered, and searched by document type, partners, dates, and statuses. This solution saves users time, minimizes mistakes, and can significantly reduce EDI related trading partner chargebacks. 

Here are a few of the documents we integrate and how they interact with SAP Business One modules:   

Purchase Orders (850) 

Purchase orders can be received 24/7 automatically in SAP Business One, eliminating the need to download and enter orders from different EDI portals. Vantree’s EDI solution for SAP Business One Solution manages the validation process based on custom criteria and checks for errors, invalid data, or other sophisticated checks such as SAP pricing vs. EDI pricing comparison or discount threshold calculations. If all validations are processed successfully, the orders are processed automatically into SAP A/R Sales Orders, and an email can be sent to internal teams, notifying them that orders are moving to the next step.  

Invoices/credits (810/812)  

SAP A/R Invoices and credits can be sent from the SAP interface directly to trading partners via EDI or other recipients using the fields from both SAP invoice data and the original Purchase Orders. This process gets scheduled or automated so businesses can run them at night, relieving the task from the Accounting Department during the day. Outbound EDI transactions include Invoices and Credits, are always validated for EDI standards compliance and custom validation if required. Our EDI Monitoring Team advises you of any failure and helps you resolve the issue.   

Advanced Shipment Notice (856) 

The Advanced Shipment Notice (856-ASN) is another document type used in more complex EDI scenarios. The ASN typically includes the details of the shipment, including pick/pack information. For example, items included in the shipment, units, weight, dimensions, and other details about the bundle. After purchase orders are received and accepted in SAP Business One, a user can generate an advanced shipping notice (ASN) automatically within the SAP Business interface. For typical Dropship Order ASNs, we use SAP A/R Invoice document, and for partners requiring MH-10 / UCC-128 type labels, the ASN is on SAP A/R Delivery. All label templates are configured by Vantree on your behalf to ensure you meet your trading partners’ requirements. Small parcel carrier tracking numbers (FedEx, UPS, Purolator) from A/R Sales Order is automatically captured and reported to trading partners.

Inventory Advice (846) 

Inventory inquiry requests information on an item between manufacturers, suppliers, and resellers. It’s used for sellers to provide information about the inventory to customers and other sellers. The inventory information in this document includes quantity on hand, float quantity, on order quantity, returns, backorders, and quantity in transit. The inventory inquiry is pertinent for business because it gives peace of mind for trading partners with inventory updates sent to partners periodically. The Inventory Advice has quickly become critical data flow between suppliers and E-Commerce Marketplaces as they ensure your product remains available online 24/7. The inventory reporting is customizable per item, including both items and bill of materials.

Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855) 

Purchase order acknowledgment reports any errors and indicates issues fulfilling the order. A summary purchase orders advise that the order is received, and a detailed 855 docs are to convey shipping dates or item ship details. In both cases, the system can send acknowledgments automatically to notify the warehouse department once the purchase order is accepted. The Purchase Order Acknowledgement can also be integrated with SAP A/R Sales Order to convey supplier-initiated changes or Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) sales scenarios.  

Purchase Order Change Request (860) 

This document is typically used for buyers to request to make changes to a purchase order. The modifications that could are, for example, adding items or changing the items. The purpose is to ensure better inventory management and efficient supply chains. Like with all documents, users can view/search/filter by all trading partners and choose to accept changes.  

Warehouse Shipping Order (940) 

A warehouse shipping order is typically used by sellers who authorize a 3PL to make a shipment to a retailer, grocer, or distributor. This document provides order details to the 3PL that are pertinent to the shipping of the order, such as address information, items, and shipping notes. This document allows for better shipping detail visibility and streamlines processes. It does not include sensitive order information such as pricing, discounts, and terms. 940s are exported from SAP using SAP A/R Sales Order.  

Warehouse Shipping Advice (945)  

Warehouse shipping advice confirms the shipment and is used to notify a trading partner when goods were shipped. Shared information in this document is typically the identification of the shipment. This validation system ensures information received from the original PO can be reused across other documents, eliminating the need for human intervention.   

 Credit/ Debit Adjustment (812) 

This transaction set is used to notify a trading partner of an adjustment or a bill-back. It identifies and contains the details and amounts covering exceptions, adjustments, credits, or debits for goods and services. The reasons for adjustments are due to defective items, unreceived or returned goods, the number of goods ordered isn’t equivalent to goods delivered and error in pricing in POs. The document is multi-directional, allowing both parties to adjust. On the user side, this document interfaces with SAP A/R Credit Note.  

Remittance Advice (820) 

The remittance advice is a report by which buyers convey payment remittance details to vendors. Remittance details can include invoice numbers, net, gross, total amounts, item identification, any adjustments related. This document can also integrate with SAP Banking Transactions (Incoming and Outgoing Payments), thus fully automating payments to Invoices and Credits.  

Put simply, here’s how it works: 

  1. Orders coming in 24/7   
  2. They are automatically accepted 
  3. Auto-ASN 
  4. Warehouse prints labels, picks/packs & ships 
  5. Invoices generated & sent 
  6. You get paid 

Solange Dugas, President & Owner of GB Micro Electronics speaking how she highly recommends Vantree Systems EDI for SAP Business One.

Overall, Vantree’s EDI Solution for SAP Business One makes your business more efficient by simplifying redundant tasks, reducing common mistakes, decreases reaction times, and eliminates unnecessary chargebacks. It also allows you to strengthen your relationships with your trading partners by meeting EDI demands. Finally, it allows you to enable new relationships quicker which future proofs your business and gives you an edge on the competition.

If you are interested in integrating your EDI processes in SAP Business One, please follow the link here and request a demo or quote. 

Thank you, 

Emily Brooks
Content Manager 

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