Ways to Optimize Your Business Through EDI Integration

EDI typically comes as a requirement from trading partners, but it might come as a surprise that it can also be used as an important tool to improve your business. Here are some of the ways our solutions that can be used, and how they can help you in 2020: 

Integrated EDI 

An ERP could be the next big step for your business, allowing you to manage all the data from different departments in one system.
We work with ERPs such as SAP S/4 HanaMicrosoft Dynamics NAV and NetSuite. Our EDI integration allows you to manage your EDI documents such as 850, 810, 856 with any ERP while remaining in your day-to-day environment making it simple, convenient and manageable for you and your team. Having it all integrated brings you one step closer to an automated business. 

Year after year, the E-commerce industry grows 23% and is expected to have 4.5 trillion global sales by 2021. E-commerce is the new way of doing business and regardless of the type, Vantree can meet your needs and provide all crucial EDI processes to create vertical integration in your business. Dropship fulfillment is the way to reduce your operational cost while still selling online. This includes companies like Commerce-Hub, Fedex and DSCo who in turn serve companies like Costco and Kohls. Similarly, online marketplace allows you to list your products alongside others and benefit from having your products accessible in a marketplace setting. Online marketplace companies like Amazon.com and Amazon.ca have partnered up with Vantree to create a seamless integrated solution while maintaining a single communication channel.  We’ve also connected to many specialized internal or private labeled E-commerce solutions like Shopify and Magento to help you create your own ecommerce shopping experience.  

Third Party Solutions 
The benefit of our software being custom built is we can develop complex integrations for our customers. If you have plans to outsource your warehousing to 3PL (3rd party logistics) like Amazon or XPO, we can bridge to any third-party business of your choice. If you are managing your own operations using a WMS/OMS/IMS, speak to us about your goals and we can help you optimize your order fulfillment needs. 

We also work with a great retail execution software company called CIS Group that can help your sales reps do their work while utilizing one simple mobile platform. CIS Group is one of the largest providers of software solutions in North America and accommodates resources for Sales Force Automation solutions and Direct Store Delivery operations.  

We can also help you bring in orders (850) and send out invoices (810) directly from your Accounting system like QuickbooksAcomba and Sage while eliminating manual data entry and improving user satisfaction. 


Optimize Your Business
By sharing your challenges with your EDI provider, you can increase efficiency in your organization. 
Some of the benefits of trusting Vantree:  

  • Increase the efficiency by letting us do the work
  • Simplify redundant tasks
  • Automate processes
  • Improve speed of data exchange
  • Centralize your data
  • Navigate through familiar interfaces 

Going above and beyond for your trading partners
By investing in EDI technology, you will be investing in your relationship with your customers.
Some of the benefits of trusting Vantree: 

  • Eliminate charge backs 
  • 24/7 data flow monitoring on your behalf 
  • Strong data validation processes setup on your behalf 
  • Setup valuable alerts to speed up error handling time 
  • Eliminate redundancy reducing common mistakes 
  • Provide your supply chain with cleaner data 
  • Decrease reaction times 

At Vantree, we make your goals, our goals. After sharing your challenges with us and trusting us with your investment, in return you will see growth and improvements on your bottom line. Here’s how: 

Meet Customer’s EDI Demands
Being EDI capable can give liberate valuable resources, future proof operations and standardize your project launches – making your business flexible. You can add new partners effortlessly and have anticipated growth. 

Strengthen and Improve Relationships with your Clients 
Through investing in your relationship with your trading partners, you will be making end users happier resulting in an increase in organic growth and positive reviews on your products. 

Increase Competitiveness 
Overall, having an integrated business can give you the edge you need to surpass your competition. Having a great product is important but as we all know, timing is everything. Being EDI ready can result in great opportunities. 

GB Micro Electronics Testimonial 

With so many great results, why not invest in EDI in 2020? In the next blog post we’ll explore how Vantree integrates very seamlessly into many ERPs, starting with SAP Business One.  

Thank you,
Emily Brooks
Content Manager 

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