Vantree 2021 – A year in review

The end of the calendar year is a perfect time to look back at what Vantree has achieved and thank those who were integral parts of our success.   

2021 was a year full of new challenges, ideas, and solutions – companies and leaders were searching for ways to reimagine the future of their business and supply chains. 

After more than a quarter-century of business, Vantree continues to improve B2B integration and streamline operations for organizations around the world. Through innovative technology, greater awareness, and deeper collaboration, we continue to help businesses see into the future of their digital transformation journey. 

Events – Celebrating the resilience in our communities  

This year, we got the chance to experience incredible events, where we connected with amazing industry experts both online and in person.  

Back in July, our Head of Digital Marketing, Emily Brooks, flew to Las Vegas to attend the Acumatica Summit 2021. As part of Acumatica Cloud ERP’s community, we celebrated the success of their cloud-based ERP solution adoption and its positive impact on helping thousands of companies to meet their digitalization goals. We met industry-leading companies in the mobile computing solutions industry such as  AML, and integrated credit card processing payment solutions such as Paya, and many more. 

In October, we collaborated with Nulogy Corporation for the 2021 Nulogy xChange Online Event and joined their virtual booths to discuss API data integrations into several popular accounting and ERP systems. Through our partnership, we continue to gain industry insights into the co-packaging and co-manufacturing space and are collaborating to develop long-term solutions that benefit businesses in the CPG market around the world. Our work together didn’t stop there – we invited Nulogy’s CEO, Jason Tham, to share his thoughts on technology trends in the space on the upcoming episode of The New Level Podcast. 

Click here for a preview! The full episode will be available to listen to on December 20th on Youtube, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.

More exciting discussions on The New Level Podcast  

Another year, another round of exceptional guests on The New Level Podcast!  

Hosted by Philip Aguib and Theresa Forman, the podcast features industry experts and focuses on automation technology trends. Through their passion for technology and innovation, they explore important topics in today’s world, most notably companies’ digital transformation journey and how it impacts people. This includes conversations about EDI, barcode labelling, social media, and leadership. 

Check out this short clip from the episode with Jim Gonzalez, CEO of EDI Support LLC. 

More episodes from 2021: 

New hires – our team is growing 

To continue delivering advanced solutions and creating the best experience for our customers and partners, we have invested in talented and reliable people to join our development team. We have also grown our sales and marketing teams to update you on Vantree’s latest technological advancements. 

From home or the office, Vantree employees have the opportunity to work anywhere and use online tools to communicate and collaborate efficiently. As we adapt to new circumstances and technologies, our teams work closely with everyone inside and outside Vantree’s community to ensure customers can make the best out of our solutions.   

Partners in technology – working better, together 

Vantree is proud to partner with leaders in the industry and offers advanced and flexible solutions to businesses of all sizes anywhere in the world. This year we partnered with companies you can trust to support your business needs and help meet supply chain demand. For more information, here they are: 

Continuous updates for our advanced ERP integrations  

Vantree’s R&D strategy has always been focused on developing tools that simplify the user experience. In order to achieve that, we’ve developed many new integrations and made some exciting enhancements to help users save time and gain more visibility into their EDI data. Here’s the list of new integrations and the latest on existing ones:  

A Word from the President 

2021 was an incredible year for Vantree. 

After modernizing our operations in 2020, we saw all departments rise to the challenge of supporting fast-growing clients in a new remote-hybrid work environment. 

We are developing new partnerships across North America and Europe to expand our abilities and global reach. By nurturing these partnerships, we help companies in all industries and provide them with solutions that they can trust and implementations that meet their data integration goals. 

We see our customers invest more effort into their digital transformation objectives than ever before. Vantree is proud to act as an extension of their team, making what might feel impossible, possible. 

Our talented R&D team continues to build solutions and tools in multiple new ERPs, with a focus on simplifying data integration by making processes as seamless as possible for all EDI users.  

We look forward to supporting any company that may not be reaping the full benefits of their EDI mandate by taking each engagement with a humanistic approach. 

We wish everyone a happy holiday, along with good health and happiness in the new year.” 

– Scott Brooks, President & CTO at Vantree Systems  

Moving with you onwards and upwards  

As we are approaching 2022, we remain committed to staying on top of industry trends and creating tools and solutions to help you stay connected with your supply chain partners. 

Thank you everyone for a wonderful year!  

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