How you can successfully deliver goods to customers next holiday season

While consumers and businesses around the world braced themselves for shipping and labour challenges this holiday season, many big retailers were ready to overcome supply chain issues. But how?  

To maintain customer satisfaction and deliver high-demand goods, you should take better control of your deliveries. We’ve outlined important takeaways from last year’s success amidst supply chain issues to help you implement a similar approach and effectively manage your e-commerce orders this year.   

Here’s what you can do today 

1. Order your stock earlier

To ensure you have enough products available to customers, order your inventory early when you have the chance. Ordering popular and high-priority items in bulk and in advance can save you lots of trouble as supply chains are under pressure close to the holiday season. As you begin the new year, you can start planning a calendar to help you set up for the busier seasons, allowing you to prepare for challenges ahead and add new suppliers to your network.  

2. Be open to different carriers and transportation methods 

As you may continue to experience shipping challenges, consider alternative transportation and carriers to get your items on the fastest routes. Diversifying this aspect of your e-commerce can save time for you and your customers and you can avoid getting your products stuck all in one place.    

3. Build a strong team  

With every step of the supply chain suffering from labour shortages, hiring staff can be challenging.  One of the best ways to achieve long-term success in your business is by developing a dedicated and reliable workforce through more competitive wages and increased benefits. With a strong and happy team helping you fulfill orders; you will see customer experience improve and deliveries run more smoothly.   

4. Analyze data for better predictions

Many businesses started their holiday sales in October since it was predicted that consumers would buy gifts earlier this year. Data from the previous year also helped order and promote products for consumers. With data, you can better understand your customers’ needs, put together special deals for early shoppers, and plan product availability. What has worked in the past can also help you improve how you market your products online and find out which ones are likely going to sell out.   

5. Take the lead  

What we’ve learned since the start of the pandemic is that supply chains aren’t equipped to deal with the rising demand for products and can risk failing if their process remains inefficient. However, through a strategic and innovative approach, you can continue to serve your customers when they need you and improve your e-commerce processes.  

Our team at Vantree is here to help you improve your ability to deliver on customer expectations, even during the most difficult times. With various ERP integrations available, Vantree helps you streamline your data coming from outside your organization, right where it matters. This eliminates the stress of manual data entry errors and improves the lives of your employees, for smoother, more accurate transactions handling.  By leveraging  Vantree’s EDI solutions and technology, your team will have better communication, visibility, and flexibility in your supply chain, which will improve the customer experience.

As you continue to nurture new and existing partners, you can count on us to help you during the holidays.  

Lorine Berwari

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