Vantree is helping co-packing and co-manufacturing companies integrate Nulogy data into various ERPs

Vantree is proud to announce a partnership with Nulogy, an award-winning supply chain solutions provider.

Founded in 2002, Nulogy offers supply chain solutions to help customers adapt to increasing demand in today’s market. Nulogy’s cloud-based solution provides better collaboration, visibility, and communication within external supply chain networks, such as contract packagers, contract manufacturers, and value-added 3PLs.  

Through this partnership, Vantree aims to achieve accelerated EDI and API automation solutions within the co-packaging and co-manufacturing industry. 

The Colgate- Palmolive case study is a great example of how Nulogy can help fast-moving consumer goods brands reach their goals.   Nulogy gave them access to digital tools that enabled them to attract more customers looking for customized packaging solutions.  

Learn more about the case study here

“As the premiere solution provider for EDI and API automation, at Vantree we understand the potential for data automation to help propel businesses to a new level of efficiency and growth,” said Scott Brooks, President & CTO at Vantree Systems. “It simply made sense to work side by side with Nulogy to integrate data automation throughout their contract supplier customer base.”  

“The speed and volatility of today’s global market demand new solutions for contract suppliers to optimize their operations,” said Jason Tham, CEO, Nulogy. “Through our partnership with Vantree Systems, we are able to clearly demonstrate how digitization can supplant manual operational workflows and deliver a new level of business stability and efficiency for contract manufacturers and co-packers around the world.”  

Both Nulogy and Vantree believe in making a positive difference by supporting each other in the supply chain community. Vantree is proud of this partnership and is excited to grow and extend its expertise to help businesses across all of North America. 

Be sure to check out The New Level Podcast episode with Jason Tham, Co-founder, and CEO at Nulogy, where he shares his expertise about the co-packaging and co-manufacturing space.  

If you’re interested in learning more, visit Vantree’s Nulogy page and ask to speak to an expert.  


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