V-Site Portal

Don’t you hate it when you’re not sure if your trading
partners have received your EDI documents successfully?

Interconnected to all major EDI networks, Vantree’s Web EDI option is the most cost effective way to
exchange any EDI document with all your trading partners, no matter the requirements.

V-Site Portal

Don’t you hate it when you’re not sure if your trading partners have received your EDI documents successfully?

With Vantree V-Site, you have complete transparent visibility on all EDI transmission data at your fingertips.

How it works

EDI users can send and receive any EDI document to any trading partner and, the
good news is, each task is personalized to meet your customers’ requirements.

It works just like your email!

Similar to how you work every day, Vantree V-Site portal allows you to browse through tabs depending on your task.

You can view all inbound documents in the Inbox tab and Vantree will notify you via email, once you’ve received a document.

You can view all outbound documents in the Outbox tab and use the Send Log tab to ensure they have been acknowledged and received successfully.

Each tab gives you the ability to filter by document ID, Item, Sender, Receiver, Time Stamp, and other columns including Status.

More than 80% of EDI users wish they had visibility into the statuses of their EDI documents.

Vantree provides users with 11 different statuses depending on where their documents are in the transmission process. Here are some common statuses:
  • Wait: The document is waiting to go through Vantree’s validation process.
  • Queued: The document passed Vantree’s validation process and is waiting to be transmitted. 
  • Sent: The document has been transmitted and is waiting acknowledgement of reception.
  • Ack’d: Partner’s EDI provider confirms reception of the document.

Don’t stress! If there’s something wrong,
we will let you know.

Thanks to our Team-Based Support System, your dedicated agent will work with
you to resolve the issue quickly, efficiently and you will receive an email.

Search and Filtering

With the Vantree V-Site portal, users have the ability to filter by any document type. Filtering options include by a specific document ID, document type, trading partner, time, date, and status.  

Users can find specific documents by using search by scope, by preserved filter and by search string.

Transaction Reports

The Transaction Report tab allows users to access general information about how much data is being sent to and from their trading partners.

By using the search function, users can select which month and year to obtain processed inbound and outbound transaction usage data by document and kilo character.

All data usage is also included on your monthly invoice. We don’t hide anything from you!

Custom Web Forms

Our team of developers can configure and design custom web forms specific to your trading partner needs.  Popular examples of custom web forms that we have developed for our customers are:

  • 856 Advanced Ship Notice
  • 855 PO Acknowledgment
  • 810 Invoice

Upload Center

This tab gives users the ability to easily upload documents using different formats to send to trading partners, saving users time in manual data entry.

If trading partners require a specific report like for inventory, users can download reports from their respective ERPs and upload it to the upload center.

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Boulangerie St-Methode

Find out how Vantree integrated EDI solutions for Boulangerie St-Methode and simplified the execution of daily tasks thanks to V-Site.

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