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In 1996, the company Procesadora de Frutas Valle del Pilón, S.A. of C.V. and in that same year the construction of the plant begins, concluding in 2004 to begin its operation in 2005, for its export. Later, in 2009, commercial relations were established with the American company Old World, selling red double grapefruit in a 24 oz glass presentation. After this commercial relationship the presentation was changed to 8 oz plastic cups. As of 2009, a commercial contract was signed with customers Sundia Corporation and Costco, with whom we continue to work currently. In 2011, our product was marketed in the domestic market under the Del Pilón brand name and subsequently the Vimm brand was introduced.

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At Vantree, we believe that EDI trading partner onboardings should be simple, transparent and seamless.

When you work with Vantree to connect to PROFRU we will handle everything on your behalf from the partner outreach, connection, mapping, testing, go-live, monitoring, support, and management.

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