QuickBooks Online EDI integration - Choose Vantree’s API-based EDI integration with QuickBooks

Did you know that 96% of users feel bogged down with redundant tasks related to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)? And that those same users spend on average eight hours per week performing manual data entry tasks and correcting EDI related mistakes?

That’s why effective EDI and API automation is critical, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. Not only does it speed up and streamline your business processes by as much as 70%, it also eliminates redundant tasks and enables your users to maximize efficiency.

Seamless EDI automation for small-medium businesses with QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks provides a highly adaptable business management solution for digitally resilient small and mid-sized businesses. With the Vantree EDI solution for QuickBooks Online, you can efficiently, reliably, and automatically import and export documents to and from your trading partners and vendors with EDI. And you can do it using a similar interface that you work with every day, giving you the ultimate in visibility and control.

With an end-to-end view of their data, your users will dramatically reduce the time they spend on trivial and redundant tasks, improving your operational efficiency and reducing costs.

The advantages of integrating EDI with QuickBooks Online

By integrating your EDI with QuickBooks Online, there’s no need to manually enter data into your accounting software; instead, the flow of data and business documents enters directly from Vantree’s integration, saving your business precious time and money.

Simplify your business operations and eliminate human error with the right EDI connector

Using an EDI management system like Vantree along with QuickBooks makes invoicing simple by automating the entire process from start to finish. It automatically syncs with QuickBooks Online so there are no manual steps required for importing orders and exporting invoices with very little effort. Balances and adjusts your finances, stores all relevant data, and keeps your warehouse and fulfillment operations going smoothly with Vantree’s API-based EDI integration with QuickBooks.

Improve your business efficiency with Vantree's QuickBooks EDI integration solution

How does Vantree’s QuickBooks EDI integration work?

Our Vantree Connectivity Suite (VCS) sits between you and your trading partners and automates the integration, translation and delivery services of EDI and non-EDI documents to and from your QuickBooks accounting software.  Working with Vantree guarantees your enterprise will respect trading partner requirements and format of EDI documents and data.

Vantree EDI integration with QuickBooks Online

Deep integration that’s tailored to your unique needs

Your business is unique and so are your requirements. That’s why we fully customize your solution for deep integration, based on your business, your trading partners, and your document needs.

  • Optimize your company workflows with increased efficiency.
  • Strengthen your relationships with cleaner data, fewer errors, an improved fulfillment process and faster reaction times.
  • Invest in your future by anticipating growth, freeing up resources, and future-proofing your business
Choose the ideal solution for QuickBooks EDI integration

Enjoy superior flexibility and ease of use for our customers

  • Any environment. Any trading partner, suppliers and providers. Any document. 
  • Our integrated, automated, and intuitive interface makes it simple for our customers to import, analyze, and process incoming documents into QuickBooks. 
  • You have full visibility into your data and any errors or omissions in that data, and full control over error correction and processing with flexible configuration options.
Trust Vantree's experts for integration to QuickBooks EDI

Popular EDI documents

All managed by Vantree on your behalf

Our Trading Partners

Discover Vantree partners leveraging our EDI integration services. We believe in customer satisfaction and improving business systems, which is why we are the best service provider for your enterprise.

Why use Vantree for your QuickBooks EDI integration?

Learn more about Vantree's API-based QuickBooks EDI integration

QuickBooks is one of the most popular small business accounting software, and QuickBooks Online (QBO) is Intuit’s cloud-based accounting software designed for small businesses. The new QuickBooks Online Advanced plan makes the software scalable for larger businesses too. The software offers a wide range of features, including strong accounting capabilities, online payroll, attractive invoices, and easy integrations with Vantree.

QBO is significantly easier to learn and use than QuickBooks Desktop, and it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Mobile apps are also available to help users manage their finances and keep track of their fiscal health on the go.

EDI is the automated transfer of electronic data between companies using a standard electronic format. Electronic exchanges of documents offer significant communication advantages including reduced costs, greater efficiency, fewer errors and reinforced trading partner relationships.

There are many types of electronic business transactions, but the two most common ones are purchase orders and invoices. EDI guarantees that important documents are sent and received in a readable format, avoiding business partners wasting valuable resources in manual data entry.

The exchange of EDIs is typically between two different organizations, referred to as businesses or trading parties. For example, company A may purchase products from company B. Company A issues an order to company B. Company A and company B are trading partners.

  • QuickBooks Online;
  • QuickBooks Desktop;

Documents sent and received from business partners and customers must be processed efficiently to maintain a strong commerce network and customer relationships. Here are some examples of EDI documents automated with Vantree’s Business Central EDI integration:

  • Invoices – 810 invoices;
  • Sales orders – 850 purchase orders;
  • Ship file – 856 ship notice/Manifest;
  • Debit/credit memo – 812 debit/credit adjustment;
  • Cash receipt – 820 payment advice;
  • Purchase order acknowledgement – 855 purchase order acknowledgement;
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