87% of industry decision-makers surveyed are in the process of or planning the expansion of warehouses by 2024.

Who is Metro Canada Logistics?

The Metro Supply Chain Group of Companies is the largest privately-held Canadian provider of third party logistics, administering over twelve million square feet of engineered warehouse space with capabilities to service the most complex and challenging distribution needs. For our customers, our physical size, financial strength and buying power translate into measurable market advantages. Over the past 40 plus years, we’ve earned a reputation for providing highly customized solutions that meet the needs of a broad range of industries. 

Why Metro Canada Logistics and Vantree?

Vantree’s Partnership with Metro Canada Logistics helps serve the third-party logistics industry with EDI document integration. Our mission is to assist Metro Canada Logistics in delivering innovative solutions that enable the warehouse and order fulfillment to improve supply chains.

Why Metro Canada Logistics

Whether you require a dedicated or shared user space, Metro can custom build a scalable solution that supports your current and future warehousing needs. Each of our solutions is designed to optimize both location and space, while minimizing handling and inventory levels – all with an eye to reducing fixed costs and other drains on working capital. We match this physical capability with an industry leading warehouse management system that offers real-time visibility of your inventory position.

metroscg warehouse


Warehouse & order fulfillment

Metro can custom-build a scalable solution that supports your current and future warehousing needs, whether you require a dedicated or shared user space.

Transportation solutions

At Metro, they embrace transport innovation as we continually explore new ways to create collaboration, reduce carbon impact, and speed business forward.

Contract packaging and value-added services

Metro's custom-engineered spaces, equipment, and staffing options offer an unparalleled degree of flexibility and quality control.

Logistics professional services

Metro provides a broad range of professional services to help you create optimal supply chain solutions.

Oracle Argus Safety hosted on Nextrove AWS Cloud is the perfect solution for late-stage biopharma companies that are preparing for larger cases volumes.

Our Vantree Connectivity Suite (VCS) sits between you and your trading partners and automates the integration, translation and delivery services of EDI and non-EDI documents to and from your Oracle Argus Safety ERP.

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