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If you have marketing/social media experience, strong multitasking skills
and consider yourself a team-player, this is a great opportunity for you.

Montréal, QC

EDI Analyst / Developer


About Vantree

Vantree Systems is an EDI service provider helping customers exchange data around the globe. We strive to provide EDI services delivered with human connection – making EDI compliance and complex integrations easy.

Job description 

If you have programming experience, strong multitasking skills, and consider yourself a team-player, this is a great opportunity for you. We are looking for a helpful, motivated & empathetic candidate who is willing to learn, solve problems, and excel with an experienced diverse team. 


  • EDI Mapping of various X12, EDIFACT, XML, etc. transactions 
  • Participate in the design, development, and implementation of complex business applications 
  • Develop and maintain various communication protocols and setups (i.e. AS2, SFTP, FTP) 
  • Develop custom output programs from trading partner data 
  • Develop new ANSI/ X12 implementations for documents 
  • Develop parse programs from customer files 
  • Troubleshoot existing maps and implementations 
  • Troubleshooting EDI translation and communication tools 
  • Troubleshoot integration with different ERP/WMS/E-Commerce systems 
  • Log progress in a project management tool 
  • Respond to customer inquiries 

Education and Experience Requirements 

  • College-level programming or math 
  • Bilingual: French and English (speak/write) 
  • Experience with SAP Business One, Microsoft NAV, Business Central, Microsoft F&O, NetSuite, Sage X3, Acumatica (asset) 
  • Experienced with EDI ANSI X12 standards (asset) 

Next steps 

  • See what people are saying about working at Vantree Systems on Glassdoor 
  • For more information about our company, visit our About Us page 

Expected start date: 2021-07-01 

Starting at: $45k/year 

COVID-19 considerations: 

  • 100% work from home
  • IT setup paid 

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About Us

We believe that technology services should be managed with more human connection in mind. We deliver strategic EDI automation solutions, driven by a partner-for-life philosophy and a deep commitment to simplify user experience.

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the exchange of business documents between organizations through the cloud. This method is used to replace traditional faxing and mailing, to improve efficiency, speed, while eliminating manual entry and reducing errors.

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