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About us

Our Story

Vantree provides Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions that seamlessly exchanges critical documents between members of your supply chain.

With 25 years of experience in the industry, Vantree is proud to continue to serve customers with compliant, secure and cost effect EDI solutions. Our number one priority is to offer you a trusted service knowing your most important business communications are monitored closely.

You can always count on your dedicated solutions agent to offer you an EDI piece of mind this time, with a human touch!

Our Services

Vantree products help you securely and reliably process EDI/EC documents in and out of your applications. These integration and management tools complement our EDI Network, allowing users to preview EDI Documents before/after processing. Once they are synced with the network, you can correct or reject documents from trading partners, particularly if they have been incorrectly delivered or fail a compliance check. We help companies of all sizes with integrated and automated ERP partner solutions. Our development team draws on deep-level knowledge of a wide variety of operating systems, communications protocols, programming languages and standards to provide you with the very best products and custom solutions.

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Our Culture

Our absolute focus on our customers has consistently set us apart from the competition. We are ready to listen to you and ensure that the process is as seamless as possible for you. Our experienced technical staff that has been here since our company’s inception has seen it all. They are standing ready to listen and help solve your unique challenges. Instead of an anonymous “customer service” hotline, we provide you with a dedicated professional that you can contact directly.

Our Customers

We spent a few months looking for an EDI partner that could offset our workload. We needed a partner that we could trust and was focused on customer care. We have been extremely pleased with our relationship with Vantree. They have been a tremendous asset to us, we truly consider them an extension of our company.


Metro Canada Logistics – Albert Furtado, VP Customer Service

We implemented CIS Companion Rep 2 with our SAP S4/HANA ERP system and selected Vantree Systems to do the EDI integration. One of the major challenges we had was moving a large amount of data from one system to another and keeping them in sync. Vantree did an excellent job in connecting these systems and keeping our data integrity while leading the project with little or no supervision. I highly recommend Vantree for any complex EDI integrations.

I.D. Foods – Sina Galvano, IT Director

We had a great opportunity to do business with Staples US. It was Christmas time, so we had a few weeks to get EDI on track. I called Vantree to I ask if we can make it happen and they said yes. It was many many millions of business for us so we were very appreciative.


GB Micro Electronics – Solange Dugas, President & Owner