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SAP Business One ERP EDI Integration Solution

SAP Business One is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed for businesses of all sizes. As an ERP solution, it aims to automate key business functions in financials, operations, human resources, and more.

Vantree has developed a fully imbedded EDI solution in SAP Business One that receives, validates and sends EDI documents between a business and its supply chain & trading partners. Any inbound and/or outbound documents coming from or sent to trading partners, third party logistics (3PL), E-Commerce and/or Dropship companies will be managed by Vantree on your behalf.

No more manual intervention – this solution eliminates the need to fetch EDI documents from different portals. Users can have a live view of all EDI documents and filter them by trading partner/status/dates giving the business more visibility than ever. This solution will save a business time, minimize mistakes and eliminate trading partner chargebacks. You will receive email notifications/reports of EDI document activity giving you the visibility you need to adapt quickly. Our Support Team is available at your disposal to help you identify any errors and troubleshoot.

Investing in this solution will allow you to receive Purchase Orders (850) and perform Error validation on documents automatically. If no errors, accept Purchase Orders (850) and send Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855) automatically. Notify the warehouse department that the Purchase Order (850) is accepted for them to prepare the item for shipping. With trading partners & ship-tos information pre-configured in the system, sending the Advance Shipment Notice (856) can be done with a few clicks. Once ASNs are generated, labels are printed for picking/packing process. For Dropship orders, tracking numbers will be available in SAP Business One. Invoices (810) can be generated and sent to trading partners overnight.

You can send Shipping Orders (940) authorizing your 3PL to make a shipment on your behalf. You can also send a Shipping Advice (945) to notify your trading partner that the shipment is on the way. You can send an Inventory Inquiry (846) requesting information on an item. On the payments side, you can send or receive a Credit/Debit Adjustments (812) and receive a Remittance Advice (820) notifying you that payment is on the way.

These are just some of the documents that we exchange through Vantree’s EDI solution for SAP Business One EDI solution. For more information, please visit our blog by clicking Vantree’s EDI Solution for SAP Business One or contact us to schedule a demo.

SAP Business One Integration Includes

SAP Business One Invoice810 Invoice
SAP Business One Sales Order850 Purchase Order
SAP Business One Ship File856 Ship Notice/Manifest
SAP Business One Debit/Credit memo812 Credit/Debit Adjustment
SAP Business One Cash Receipt820 Payment Advice
SAP Business One Purchase Order Acknowledgment855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
SAP Business One Ship File856 Ship Notice/Manifest
SAP Business One Sales Order860 Purchase Order Change Request
SAP Business One Sales Order940 Warehouse Shipping Order
SAP Business One Invoice945 Warehouse Shipping Advice

SAP Business One Special Features


Any Custom Field

SAP Business One Integration Includes