If EDI drives almost 90% of B2B traffic today,
why aren’t you integrating that data in your ERP?
70% of all orders are automated
by EDI/XML, Portals, and/or
A majority of EDI users are quite
satisfied with how ERP integration
improves supply chain performance
Over 41% of businesses have
no EDI capability and 21% just
use web portals.

Strategic automation
through human connection

Customized API-based EDI integration with your
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP

Efficiently, reliably, and automatically import and export documents to and from your trading partners with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), using the same Microsoft 365 Business Central ERP interface that you work with every day.

We fully customize your solution for deep integration, based on your business, your trading partners, and your document needs.

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Best EDI service, dedicated team and attentive to
the ever changing needs of today. Professional
and above all human !!
Olive & Tomate
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Vantree’s solutions include unparalleled team-based support, 24/7 monitoring and expert staff advice.

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